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The Cebu Marathon 2011

Jan. 9, 2011

all seasons in one day 26 °C

"I feel pain on each stride. Can I still make it to the finish line? It seems like my feet is giving up. I am still 9 kilometers away... "

It was a sunday, 9th of January. This was my 1st 21K marathon. I packed all my race kits in my bag and kept my energy gels in my shorts. I had everything to worry about. I never ran this far nor joined such big running event. Last run I joined was only a 5K fun run. That was never close to this event I was about to join. I never had a proper training because of time and availability crisis. I only jog on my resdays, that's once a week. I was worried that I'd get injured along the way or even pass out, that would be a total shame. It was still very cold and dark outside, clock was exactly 3am when I left the house... There was a huge crowd when I arrive at the starting point in IT park. It seems like there was a party going on but instead of dashing party dresses, people are on their running gears. There were Kenyan runners (who are always present on running events) having warm ups on the streets. I deposited my bag in the courtesy booth and started warming up myself. I was looking for a friend but it seems like he already left for the race since he's running 42K and their gun start was an hour early than the 21K racers. I found some friends I know but they were running 5K only. So I guess I am all alone. I will be running all by myself with all other 21k runners. I already had my race bib pinned, and 4 packs of energy gel in my pocket to keep me hydrated. After some stretching and a bit of warm ups, I took my 1st pack of energy gel since we were 15 minutes away from gun start. We proceeded to the starting line. And then at exactly 5:10am, the gun sound was fired. The sky was filled with colorful fireworks and runners were on their way through the starting line of Cebu Marathon 2011...

I was keeping a slow pace to keep my momentum and my oxegen longer. Some vet runners passed by me, but I didn't mind. After few meters I noticed some girls starting to keep up with me, and as we reached the 1st kilometer, these girls were out-running me. I tried keeping up with them but their pace was too much for so I decided to just let them pass me and kept my slow running pace. In about 5min, a sign read "1km passed, 20km to go!" There were dancers and staffs that was cheering for us along the way. It somehow boost our energy. There were water stations everyafter 2 kilometers, they not only offer water but also energy drinks (100plus energy drink)... 15 minutes passed when I passed the 3km mark, this was somewhere in fuente osmena. I drank my 2nd energy gel and felt re-energize. I was keeping my slow pace. I looked back and saw there were still plenty of runners behind me. That felt good knowing I not being left behind... After few minutes, problem came just as I reached Jones avenue. I felt I needed to pee. I was looking for comfort rooms along the way but I didn't see one. I also did not with to stop to a fastfood just to pee because I was already sweating all over my body. I tried concentrating on my running pace to forget about peeing. 5k passed but I couldn't find any place to stop and pee. I was feeling tired, its hard to concentrate with my running pace with the problem I was having. I stopped running at 6k mark and took deep breaths while looking for comfort rooms. I started running again but this time, I stopped every after 2minutes to relax. I felt a little pain on my foot but was bearable. I never took any water as I passed water stations because it may add up to the problem I had. When I arrive SRP, I was releived to find a portable comfort room at the sideway. I then hurried to empty my tank, it felt good. I feel a little lighter so I started running again. It was already early morning, the sun was about to shine. As I reached 10k mark in the SRP tunnel, I emptied another energy gel. I don't know why but this thing does really help me a lot. It somehow gives me total recovery from fatigue. I could almost see the turinng point ahead. Smiles can be seen from runners as we greeted each other "goodmoring". It seems like everybody knew each other. I can't help but grin at each runner that greets me. At turning the point, there was a firetruck that had thier hose shower to runners who wants to cool themselves.. Indeed, I felt refreshed as I embraced the water like I was having shower.

to be continued ...

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